Community Partnerships

We work to provide our services to various sectors to reachthem to their goals. We aim for a lifelong partnership with each of our clients.

To achieve our vision and the vision of the non-profit third sector, the employment incubator launched an initiative that enables the non-profit third sector to announce job opportunities for free and for the collective benefit of society

The idea is as a national initiative that transforms the correctional community from consciousness to development and targets all prisoners and recovered from addiction, and it is to provide courses directed to prisoners with the aim of employment and launching their own projects in addition to helping them find the appropriate job or during or after their sentence, benefit from their energies and help the correctional community to discover features Leadership and administration, assisting prisoners and directing them to the career path where we train, hire and help members and open their own projects

The Salem Employment Initiative is directed at those who have lost their jobs due to the Corona pandemic or force majeure, and this initiative aims to enable and grant free counseling sessions for those affected and non-working people on the basics of writing distinctive CVs and searching for work in addition to qualifying the person to be able to obtain the desired job accompanied by free qualifying courses and residence Workshops to help participants maximize their leadership skills

It is a professional initiative that provides guidance workshops for service detainees to increase and develop their sources of income in addition to innovative educational campaigns specifically designed to encourage individuals and entities whose services are suspended to develop their businesses and find solutions that support and improve their financial suitability as an initiative aimed at helping detainees in services who suffer from financial distress

The goals of the graduate affairs program and employment fairs in universities revolve around how to write CVs, successful strategies for searching for work, basic interview skills, in addition to many others that organize field seminars at the university by building a partnership with alumni affairs that aims to prepare students for the workplace that you can from a diverse group Among the indicative seminars, including employment or training forums with a view to graduation or summer or applied training

Based on the vision of the Kingdom 2030, the Employment Incubator aspires to be the sponsor and partner of Estidama for volunteer and event organizing teams The recruitment incubator aspires to be a professional partner that facilitates the work of our members from the volunteer and event organization teams as a strategic professional partner, in addition to highlighting the importance of volunteering and creating an acquired generation of knowledge and the benefits of developing and improving volunteer programs and innovating many practices that contribute to achieving the goals of the partners and encouraging Companies to take social responsibility initiatives towards this issue

The employment incubator is looking forward to consolidating the principle of transforming society from pastoral to development as an initiative that enables social security beneficiaries to work, especially divorced women, widows, those in need and able to give in addition to the children of social security beneficiaries and widows, wives of martyrs of duty who wish to enter the labor market. Our role is to write distinctive CVs and search To provide job seekers with information about job opportunities, professional facts and advice on the job search process.

The idea of the initiative as a community initiative affiliated with the employment incubator is considered a television program and virtual events aimed at highlighting job opportunities, which is to provide an opportunity for every person and enable him to have the appropriate skill in partnership with the private sector and the third non-profit sector in addition to the sponsorship path with the promise of employment by working in existing facilities in achieving Your desires and passion because it supports you in obtaining promising training or employment opportunities by spreading and finding solutions to confront unemployment and other matters that have an impact on doing business and introducing the available investment opportunities by shedding light on the vision programs.

The Retirees Club aims to benefit from the wasted energies of retirees in the Kingdom who are the elite of society in order to enhance their position and role and benefit from their experiences as success partners and build a positive partnership to exchange knowledge between specialists and enable retirees to invest their accumulated experiences and start their projects with ease and is to raise awareness and knowledge, improve and develop their conditions and push The wheel of development and empowerment by transforming the member from the pastoral community to the development community, including marketing the qualifications and experiences of retirees, improving the living conditions of retirees, and including economic, social and health, marketing the qualifications and experiences of retirees

The employment incubator seeks to highlight, publish, document and support diverse talents internally and externally, market their experiences and support public and private cultural partners, in addition to establishing performance experiences, attracting show teams, highlighting the best international positive practices, and supporting partnerships with international cultural organizations in order to exchange experiences, gain best practices, and document sports community participation. And highlighting the comparative advantage by finding and proposing solutions to the obstacles and challenges facing societies, and creating programs that support the role assigned to the establishment of community sports.

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